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No matter the climate, your driveway is constantly exposed to sun, rain, snow, pollution, high traffic other factors. Regardless of the reason, it is vital as a homeowner or business owner to preserve your asset and get it cleaned with Pressure Washing Los Angeles.


Beyond climate, oil and petrol stains give a filthy overlook of your driveway. With time your driveway may accumulate dirt, algae, moss, lichen, and weed, which would degrade the appearance of your patio. But Pressure Washing Los Angeles could curb issues related to dirt, grime, and unsightly growth and make sure that your surroundings are clean, clear, and safe underfoot. Forget the sweat equity of manual scrubbing with a brush and cleaning solvent; get the complete benefit of vigorous cleaning and pressure wash.


We give you some of the tips to ensure that your pressure washing emanates from being efficient.

1. Hire professionals

Hiring a professional is a good idea to go. Do the research and get quotes from different companies. Some might charge you $3/00 while might end up with a higher amount. However, you need to assess the cost of chemicals, equipment, and labor required. At Envirostripe, we have state-of-art equipment and flat fees that include everything required for power washing your driveway. We cover everything from the driveway to the top to the roof and get rid of all those old dirty grimes and stains so that your property looks almost new again.

2. Time it Right

A good thumb rule is to wash it twice a year to maintain a clear and clean driveway. Stubborn Algae, mold, moss, mildew can damage the property, which can result in repairs. It is imperative to prevent dirt and grime from settling into cracks through frequent Pressure Washing in Los Angeles.


However, if your house is located near a busy main road or chucked up from traffic, you require more frequent cleaning. Also, pressure washing is needed in more extreme weather conditions, whether it’s too rainy or too hot and humid temperature.


3. Tarp your plants

Concrete detergent, pressure water can harm your plants before washing; covers them with a tarp. Either you could use canvas drop cloths or painter’s plastic, or any material that could save your plants from sprinkles and pressure of washing.


Once you are done, remove the tarps to avoid overheating the plants. Even if your plants are covered, there are chances that soap might be accumulated at the root. Rinse the plants with a garden hose once you have done pressure washing.

Let us help you,

If you have no experience in chores of high-pressure cleaning, you might end up messing up things and risking your property. Extreme pressure aimed poorly can wreck the surface and add further expenditures to fix your asset. However, a professional Power washing Los Angeles can clear surfaces with proper equipment, right chemicals without damaging them. If you are looking for instant gratification for an asset, then power washing is the solution for your driveway.


At Envirostripe, we have been delivering exceptional services with uniformed and friendly professionals that can help you maintain your home clean and beautiful.


Embrace the healthy and appealing environment and ensure the safety of you and your family. Schedule an appointment today. Call us for more information.

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