Tips for Handicap Parking Striping

Handicap Striping

As per a law passed over 30 years ago, the Americans with Disabilities Act ensures that people with disabilities should have spaces to load and unload their wheelchairs and walkers. The goal of the law is to ensure safety, convenience, and comfortable vehicle entrance and exit for people who have disabilities. Parking spaces should be located near entrances and are supposed to be nearest to pedestrian walkways.

Like most maintenance projects, repairing and maintaining ADA handicap striping is imperative to bring aesthetic and safety to the customers. A DIY would save your pockets from draining, but it would require more effort and knowledge to accomplish the task. Line striping requires adherence to measurements as stated by governing bodies that depend on the location of your property.

Learn about ADA parking requirements, striping, spacing, and other things you must take care of to accomplish a well-structured space.

1. ADA Parking Requirements

All ADA parking must comply with general standards, surfaces, and ramps and ADA Handicap Striping requirements. The parking spaces are relevant to the number of total spaces and layout. One in every six handicap spaces mandatorily should have van-accessible parking with less than 500 spaces.

2. Room to Maneuver

Accessible parking spaces need to be more significant compared to other parking spaces. People living with mobility disabilities need extra space to safely enter and exit a vehicle, especially when they are using mobility equipment.

The angled accessible parking spaces should be 2.4m X 5.4 m, while parallel spacing should not be less than 3.2m wide and 7.8m long. The extended size of accessible parking diminishes the risk of tight maneuver and removes the potential damage caused to other vehicles.

3. Signage

Not to forget, all Handicap Striping Los Angeles should carry the international symbol of accessibility that must clearly show that space is for DPP holders only. Failing to comply with signage or any other handicap striping could lead to charging hefty fees by officials.


As society evolves, even ADA signs regulations too. At Evirostripe, we make sure that you are compliant with ADA sign regulation, so you don’t end up with nuisance and headaches.


We can help

Beyond aesthetic value, the striping and markings can meet your safety precautions too. Whether you are looking for a new layout or simple Handicap striping Los Angeles for your existing parking, we have got you covered. Your parking lot first impression when arriving at the property. At Envirostripe, we can do striping, parking lot marking, fire lanes, and other striping services. With years in business and an incredible reputation, we can provide you with a range of exceptional services.


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