Things to know About ADA Handicap Striping

ADA Striping

There is a bundle of things to manage regarding your business and things related to it. Often the term parking lot striping is overlooked. However, it indeed should be remarked. The first impression your customers get before entering your store is the parking lot. As per the regulations and norms, it is imperative for a commercial to provide reasonable accommodations to employees with disability too. ADA Striping Los Angeles can assist you and your clients by creating appealing visual and clear indications for parking lots and effectively guide them.

As per ADA compliance, an employer needs to provide reasonable accommodations to employees with disabilities. The law requires accessibility to handicaps or people with physical disabilities in public places, ramps, restrooms, and parking slots.

Number of Parking Spaces

It is imperative for a business to provide accessible parking space for cars that need to transfer wheelchairs. These parking spaces should be eight feet wide and must have an adjacent access aisle that should measure about 60 inches for entering and exiting.

To be compliant, a business should meet the minimum requirements of accessible spaces. If the total spaces for parking are between 1 to 25, it must provide at least one accessible space for the disabled, while for 26 to 50, there must be 2 ADA-compliant spaces and so on.

Who has to have an ADA-compliant parking lot?

Commercials and public building are mandatory to provide accessible spaces, including

– Shopping centers and retail stores
– Restaurants
– Commercial buildings
– Hotels
– Medical building
– Schools
– Churches
– Federal, state, and municipal building
– Apartment and multi-family dwellings.

How is ADA compliant striping done?

Whether you are looking for a first-time ADA Handicap Striping or repainting it, you need a professional hiring company. Designing a parking lot is a blend of engineering, difficult decisions, and a lot of maths.

An improper stripe layout can cause traffic jams, poor lot layouts and can damage the reputation of the lot owner. Hiring a professional will save your efforts and ensure optimal flow and maximize spaces.

However, ADA does not specify the color of paint to use, but the marking should be appropriate for signage and space. Every sign should include international symbols of accessible and van spaces accessible signs. Whether you are a property owner, manager, or contractor, you need to research well for ADA Striping Los Angeles and ensure to have the job done correctly as per the standards and local codes.


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