Best Parking Lot Striping with ADA Norms in Los Angeles

ADA Handicap Striping

Best Parking Lot Striping with ADA Norms in Los Angeles

Federal and state codes supervise the handicap striping in your parking area. It can be tricky to understand these codes if you are not a professional. At Envirostripe, we help you get your handicap striping in Los Angeles clean with our quality services. We are specialists in all parking lot and pavement needs, including striping and routine maintenance. We can strip small, medium, and large parking lots and garage sand understand all the complexities of stripping the space as we have been doing for years. Whether it’s your accessible parking spaces, the path travels, or van access pace, we comply with low and pertain to your ADA parking lot markings.


Repainting lines, curbs, and markings in your parking lot will portray your better impression and provide a safe public direction around the parking lot. We follow close attention to details of small and large projects. Our work includes removing existing lines and form the best restripe plan to comply with ADA and restripe with quality paint and materials.


Parking Lot striping and Line Marking Services in Los Angeles


Whether you need the entire layout or simple restriping of your parking area, we can get you covered. Your park affects the first impression of customers when they arrive. It is necessary to stripe parking lines, make clean and finished markings and ADA handicap stencils. Beyond the aesthetic value, paint strip and markings can serve as safety precautions. Arrows, stop bars, crosswalks provide safety for customers and efficient functioning of your parking area.  Envirostripe can accomplish the task within minimal time, so your parking lot is ready to bear the traffic.


What do our services include?

  • Line striping
  • New parking lot striping layouts
  • ADA compliant signage
  • Fire lane curbing
  • Custom stenciling
  • Speed bump installation and painting
  • Wheel and Car stop installation
  • Parking lot layout consulting.
  • Playground striping
  • Crosswalk and much more.


Striping services and maintenance


Having a well-maintained property is your biggest asset. When your parking lot shows signs of wear or fire lanes are not up to the mark, Envirostipe is here to offer an extensive list of parking lot striping services. Whether it is a new striping rework or a previous lot layout, we ensure that your business stands out with exceptional services and enhanced curb appeal.

Beyond restoring your existing parking lot and restriping lines in Los Angeles, we have services that include repainting, crack repairs, seal coating, pothole filling, pavement marking removal, and much more.

Envirostripe can plan and execute ADA Handicap striping and other areas to minimize your clientele’ disruption while providing the best quality job possible. Envirostripe is experienced in ADA striping Los Angeles. We help you navigate and work as per ADA specifications.

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