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Benefits of Parking Lot Striping Los Angeles

You might consider parking lot striping appears to be a minor affair, but its importance cannot be overstated. In our day-to-day hustles, we often overlook the parking lots, and some of us merely consider it as keeping it updated. An adequately marked and painted is critical for safety and minimizes the chances of collisions. Motorists and pedestrians heavily depend on parking guidance for positioning and parking. If lines are not cohesive, your customer’s mind will be confused and end up with accidents or blocked entryways, or illegal parking in fire zones. Pavement and parking slots marking ensure that flow of traffic is regulated and doesn’t cause a nuisance.


Whether you need commercial or industrial purpose Parking lot Striping in Los Angeles, there are numerous reasons to update or repave your existing parking or construct a new one with appropriate linings.

1. Adds convenience and space

Parking Striping Los Angeles, pavement markings, arrows, and stop lines are imperative in helping to direct the flow of one-way traffic. Proper markings would avoid driver confusion so that there would be ample space and clogged or blocked off parking headaches. A carefully planned stripping job would ensure that you make most of every square foot.

2. Curb Appeal

With constant exposure to traffic, the parking lines can be worn out. Freshly coated Parking Striping Los Angeles Ca helps maintain the curb appeal of the spaces and improves the aesthetic of your parking. Maintained parking gives the impression to customers that you are already successful because you care for the safety of your customers.

3. Safety Compliance

Parking Lot Striping Services Los Angeles helps guide both drivers and pedestrians to follow the lane and park it safely. Accidents taking place in your premises can steer towards legal repercussions. Improper and worn-out fading could add more trouble to your customers and even impact your business.

Parking Lot Striping Service, Los Angeles, prevents confusion and avoids traffic jams. As a reputable business, it is your responsibility to maintain pedestrian crossings, fire lanes, accessible parking spaces, and arrows that should be clearly defined.

4. Vehicle Damage

Clear lines to park enhance your impression on customers and simplify the procedures for visitors to keep their cars safe. Appropriate spacing significantly reduces car bumps, dents, chips, scratches, etc. It would keep your and customer cars safer and with convenience.

Parking lot striping in Los Angeles

At Envirostripe, we can understand the paramountcy of parking lot striping services. We can enhance the aesthetic while embedding with the regulations. With years of experience and expertise, we can provide quality work to tackle any project, regardless of its size and scope of work. Call us to get a quote for services; we are happy to help you.

Tips for Handicap Parking Striping

As per a law passed over 30 years ago, the Americans with Disabilities Act ensures that people with disabilities should have spaces to load and unload their wheelchairs and walkers. The goal of the law is to ensure safety, convenience, and comfortable vehicle entrance and exit for people who have disabilities. Parking spaces should be located near entrances and are supposed to be nearest to pedestrian walkways.

Like most maintenance projects, repairing and maintaining ADA handicap striping is imperative to bring aesthetic and safety to the customers. A DIY would save your pockets from draining, but it would require more effort and knowledge to accomplish the task. Line striping requires adherence to measurements as stated by governing bodies that depend on the location of your property.

Learn about ADA parking requirements, striping, spacing, and other things you must take care of to accomplish a well-structured space.

1. ADA Parking Requirements

All ADA parking must comply with general standards, surfaces, and ramps and ADA Handicap Striping requirements. The parking spaces are relevant to the number of total spaces and layout. One in every six handicap spaces mandatorily should have van-accessible parking with less than 500 spaces.

2. Room to Maneuver

Accessible parking spaces need to be more significant compared to other parking spaces. People living with mobility disabilities need extra space to safely enter and exit a vehicle, especially when they are using mobility equipment.

The angled accessible parking spaces should be 2.4m X 5.4 m, while parallel spacing should not be less than 3.2m wide and 7.8m long. The extended size of accessible parking diminishes the risk of tight maneuver and removes the potential damage caused to other vehicles.

3. Signage

Not to forget, all Handicap Striping Los Angeles should carry the international symbol of accessibility that must clearly show that space is for DPP holders only. Failing to comply with signage or any other handicap striping could lead to charging hefty fees by officials.


As society evolves, even ADA signs regulations too. At Evirostripe, we make sure that you are compliant with ADA sign regulation, so you don’t end up with nuisance and headaches.


We can help

Beyond aesthetic value, the striping and markings can meet your safety precautions too. Whether you are looking for a new layout or simple Handicap striping Los Angeles for your existing parking, we have got you covered. Your parking lot first impression when arriving at the property. At Envirostripe, we can do striping, parking lot marking, fire lanes, and other striping services. With years in business and an incredible reputation, we can provide you with a range of exceptional services.



No matter the climate, your driveway is constantly exposed to sun, rain, snow, pollution, high traffic other factors. Regardless of the reason, it is vital as a homeowner or business owner to preserve your asset and get it cleaned with Pressure Washing Los Angeles.


Beyond climate, oil and petrol stains give a filthy overlook of your driveway. With time your driveway may accumulate dirt, algae, moss, lichen, and weed, which would degrade the appearance of your patio. But Pressure Washing Los Angeles could curb issues related to dirt, grime, and unsightly growth and make sure that your surroundings are clean, clear, and safe underfoot. Forget the sweat equity of manual scrubbing with a brush and cleaning solvent; get the complete benefit of vigorous cleaning and pressure wash.


We give you some of the tips to ensure that your pressure washing emanates from being efficient.

1. Hire professionals

Hiring a professional is a good idea to go. Do the research and get quotes from different companies. Some might charge you $3/00 while might end up with a higher amount. However, you need to assess the cost of chemicals, equipment, and labor required. At Envirostripe, we have state-of-art equipment and flat fees that include everything required for power washing your driveway. We cover everything from the driveway to the top to the roof and get rid of all those old dirty grimes and stains so that your property looks almost new again.

2. Time it Right

A good thumb rule is to wash it twice a year to maintain a clear and clean driveway. Stubborn Algae, mold, moss, mildew can damage the property, which can result in repairs. It is imperative to prevent dirt and grime from settling into cracks through frequent Pressure Washing in Los Angeles.


However, if your house is located near a busy main road or chucked up from traffic, you require more frequent cleaning. Also, pressure washing is needed in more extreme weather conditions, whether it’s too rainy or too hot and humid temperature.


3. Tarp your plants

Concrete detergent, pressure water can harm your plants before washing; covers them with a tarp. Either you could use canvas drop cloths or painter’s plastic, or any material that could save your plants from sprinkles and pressure of washing.


Once you are done, remove the tarps to avoid overheating the plants. Even if your plants are covered, there are chances that soap might be accumulated at the root. Rinse the plants with a garden hose once you have done pressure washing.

Let us help you,

If you have no experience in chores of high-pressure cleaning, you might end up messing up things and risking your property. Extreme pressure aimed poorly can wreck the surface and add further expenditures to fix your asset. However, a professional Power washing Los Angeles can clear surfaces with proper equipment, right chemicals without damaging them. If you are looking for instant gratification for an asset, then power washing is the solution for your driveway.


At Envirostripe, we have been delivering exceptional services with uniformed and friendly professionals that can help you maintain your home clean and beautiful.


Embrace the healthy and appealing environment and ensure the safety of you and your family. Schedule an appointment today. Call us for more information.

Things to know About ADA Handicap Striping

There is a bundle of things to manage regarding your business and things related to it. Often the term parking lot striping is overlooked. However, it indeed should be remarked. The first impression your customers get before entering your store is the parking lot. As per the regulations and norms, it is imperative for a commercial to provide reasonable accommodations to employees with disability too. ADA Striping Los Angeles can assist you and your clients by creating appealing visual and clear indications for parking lots and effectively guide them.

As per ADA compliance, an employer needs to provide reasonable accommodations to employees with disabilities. The law requires accessibility to handicaps or people with physical disabilities in public places, ramps, restrooms, and parking slots.

Number of Parking Spaces

It is imperative for a business to provide accessible parking space for cars that need to transfer wheelchairs. These parking spaces should be eight feet wide and must have an adjacent access aisle that should measure about 60 inches for entering and exiting.

To be compliant, a business should meet the minimum requirements of accessible spaces. If the total spaces for parking are between 1 to 25, it must provide at least one accessible space for the disabled, while for 26 to 50, there must be 2 ADA-compliant spaces and so on.

Who has to have an ADA-compliant parking lot?

Commercials and public building are mandatory to provide accessible spaces, including

– Shopping centers and retail stores
– Restaurants
– Commercial buildings
– Hotels
– Medical building
– Schools
– Churches
– Federal, state, and municipal building
– Apartment and multi-family dwellings.

How is ADA compliant striping done?

Whether you are looking for a first-time ADA Handicap Striping or repainting it, you need a professional hiring company. Designing a parking lot is a blend of engineering, difficult decisions, and a lot of maths.

An improper stripe layout can cause traffic jams, poor lot layouts and can damage the reputation of the lot owner. Hiring a professional will save your efforts and ensure optimal flow and maximize spaces.

However, ADA does not specify the color of paint to use, but the marking should be appropriate for signage and space. Every sign should include international symbols of accessible and van spaces accessible signs. Whether you are a property owner, manager, or contractor, you need to research well for ADA Striping Los Angeles and ensure to have the job done correctly as per the standards and local codes.


Envirostripe specializes in parking lot striping, striping and maintenance, thermoplastic striping, pain striping, traffic signs, and Best Cleaning Services in Los Angeles. We are proven experts of handicap parking lot striping as per compliance.

Why Do You Need Roof Cleaning? Where to Get Reliable Roof Cleaning Services?

Though rough is a crucial component of your home but is often underrated and overlooked. You are busy keenly observing the nitty-gritty of your interiors and exteriors to portray best as possible. But have you paid attention to your roof? Don’t be surprised if you find it jammed with all sorts of dried leaves, algae, twigs, animal waste, debris, and much more. You might be surprised to know that dirt and bacteria are embedded in the roof’s shingles which can relatively impact the longevity and appearance of your roof. Hiring a professional Roof Cleaning service in Los Angeles can help you get roof cleaning in a fast and seamless way, whether it’s residential or commercial.

What is Chemical Roof cleaning?

When your roof has embraced roof-staining organisms, including algae, moss, and lichens, and these organisms, have already made their residence into your roof shingles, it’s time to evade them with professional roof cleaning services and save your fortune to spend on roof replacement.

Usually, chemical roof cleaning services involve specially-formulated chemical solutions that are designed to remove dirt, debris, bacteria, and others settling on your roof. High-pressure washing is not designed for shingles as it can remove the granular surface and causes damage to them.

Roof Cleaning Services - Premier Power Clean

Chemical roof spraying is the process of spraying these chemicals on your roof to keep it clean and shiny. These chemicals are formulated and certified by professionals with lower concentrations of chlorine bleach.

Roof cleaning is not highly expensive. Instead, it’s just a fraction of what you might spend on the roof replacement. When done right, the roof cleaning process can save your bucks and get dramatic results at cost-effective pricing.

What are the benefits of Chemical Roof cleaning?

– Get rid of significant issues with your roof


The filthy or bacteria-infested roof can cause roof algae, and it can provoke serious problems. It can give a dingier appearance and cause roof damage. In case your roof has not been impacted by damage to roof algae, it’s still imperative to get it washed to remove other moss or trash that resides in your shingles.


– Spare yourself from the heft cost of replacement


With time, moss, algae, and other factors can deteriorate the roof and can cause damage to your property, resulting in changing the roof. But frequent roof cleaning services in Los Angeles could save your money from draining and assembling new roofs. Cleaning is a lot cheaper compared to even partial or complete replacement. The longer you leave debris, moss, and algae on the roof, the more significant damage will be caused.


Where to get reliable and efficient roof cleaning services?


When looking for reliable services, trust Envirostripe for all your Roof cleaning solutions with professional and prompt services. We offer Solar Panel cleaning, residential and commercial roof cleaning across Los Angeles, and we can ensure to get your roof free of algae, lichen, and debris.


We are leading Los Angeles Solar Panel Cleaning with excellent cleaning techniques, along with high quality, safe and efficient services to all clients.

Benefits of Pressure Washing a Building & What It’s Include?

The exterior of your storefront or business promises is the foremost thing that your customers notice. Your business and property could portray a negative impact if there is accumulated dust, molds, rust, or graffiti. Pressure washing Los Angeles is a quick fix to clean the business’s exterior while saving your precious time and efforts. Though cleaning could be a DIY chore or hire someone, professional services like power washing and specialized tasks need expertise with high-tech equipment to eradicate deep dust and grime.


What does power washing involve?


The power washing process involves the implementation of advanced tools for spraying the water under high pressure to extract loose paint, mold, algae, dust, chewing gum, dirt, or residue that can degrade the impact of your property.

Sometimes it requires hot water and chemicals inside to get adequate cleaning and obtain spotless exteriors. Pressure washing could be performed at intervals of a few months or years or as per the requirement; it is also an excellent method to prepare an exterior for painting. Aggressively spraying and abrasive scrubbing can damage the property, Pressure Washing Service Los Angeles is adhered to follow safety measures without devastating the property.


Benefits of Power washing


Curb Appeal – Pressure washing in Los Angeles, outside your business or residential, can improve current and potential customers’ appearance. Washing the exteriors and adjoined surfaces would enhance the curb appeal across the board.


Protects Building – Cleaning the commercial building is imperative for a business owner. Any algae, mold, or mildew accumulated can negatively impact your business while giving out an unappealing look outside. Cleaning frequently improves the lifespan while keeping the surroundings positive.


Reduced maintenance cost – By frequently getting your exterior cleaned by professional washed, it reduces the cost and task of maintenance. Overall, it would give you more time to foster your productivity and augment your business.


How often should a building be power washed?


It is said cleanliness is next to godliness. A cleaned ambiance brings more positivity and a more healthy environment. It diminishes the chances of developing asthma, allergies, or the spread of germs. Cleaning commercial buildings on an annual basis can help you protect the siding from surface continents while it improves the appearance of you and your customers.


How much time does it consume for Power washing?


Los Angeles Power Washing can vary from building, premises, and areas to be covered. Along with it, the size of the building and scope of work is assessed to know the time consumed. Professionals at Envirostripe spend appropriate time and state-of-art technology to ensure everything is cleaned beyond your expectations and at the highest standard possible.


What will a power washing include?


  • Signage

Signs are crucial for customers to get an idea about the business and a name associate with that. If a store is covered in filth, your consumers can be left with a lousy image.


  • Floors

We think customers do not notice floors, but they do. The floor is customers first clue to know about your sanitation practices. A dirty floor can dent your reputation and negatively impact your business.


  • Dumpster Area

Though the area is not a part of your front store, it is nearby. After garbage collection, bacteria is left behind. Over time, a dumpster will develop an odor that will drive away your potential customers.


Don’t settle for less; our specially designed equipment and experience would provide you customized Power washing services in Los Angeles at affordable pricing.

3 Tips to Follow When You Are Doing Pressure Washing

Pressure washing – an interesting cleaning equipment to use which eventually leaves you with fantastic results. There are tons of companies that have established themselves at a certain level by providing Pressure Washing Los Angeles services at a reasonable cost. When you are using pressure washers or hiring power washing Los Angeles services, there are a few factors that you must keep in your mind. It is one of the most convenient, and fastest ways to clean concrete walls or any type of walls using a pressure washer because it is easy to use, and quickly does the services.

Follow These Fantastic Tips to get Excellent Pressure Washing Experience

  1. Hire Profession Los Angeles Power Washing Service Providers:

Cleaning a corner of the house is easy but when you want to see your entire home dirt-free, then the best way to walk on is to hire those who provide pressure washing services Los Angeles. These professionals are well-trained, and use advanced cleaning equipment that removes all the dirt particles from the house, and residential places.

  1. Wear goggles:

From the pipe comes water in a heavy flow which can harm you in many ways, especially your eyes. It is highly recommended to wear protective goggles when you go for providing pressure washing services Los Angeles. Even at the time when you are looking at Los Angeles power washing workers doing their task, do wear safety goggles to prevent your eyes, and stand at a distance to save yourself from dirty materials.

  1. Steel boots:

To stay stable at a certain height, it is important to have a tight grip at the wall to stay prevented from unfortunate accidents. Therefore, when you are doing power washing Los Angeles make sure you wear steel boots that have a powerful grip.

Safety Measures You Must Take When Out for Pressure Washing:

  • Keep a distance from the jet. Going near to it might cause you harm.
  • Lock the safety latch properly. If it is not tight then you might fall down.
  • De-pressure the water spray once your task is over. Leaving it on might come out accidentally, and leave you

Wrapping Up!

These are some of the precautionary tips that you must follow to save yourself. Stay tuned with us if you want to know more about how pressure washing can be beneficial to you, and what are the other tips that you can follow.

Stay tuned with us to read more about concrete cleaning, and pressure cleaning Los Angeles. We hope you liked the information we shared with you. Do like it, and hire the best power washing Los Angeles service providers. Keep cleaning your house, and lead a healthy life.

What is Concrete Cleaning? And Why Is It Necessary?

What is Concrete Cleaning? And Why Is It Necessary?

Los Angeles is a wonderful city, and instead of living in sky high buildings, people there prefer to stay in duplexes or tenements. To reach till the doorstep, a simple path is made using only concrete.

Concrete easily captures the footprints of humans, animals, birds, and hence multiple types of bacterias take infection. Companies that provide Concrete Washing Los Angeles services use chemical-driven detergents to clean the path, and do the concrete washing in a deep manner that eventually prevents you from bacterial infections.

A regular maintenance doesn’t mean you keep investing your time into it every day but it is recommended to hire concrete cleaning service providers once a month to stay stress-free.

The Importance of Concrete Cleaning

Property maintenance means a task that can trap you for a whole day or might be a whole week. Whenever it comes to cleaning our homestead or commercial places we mostly focus on the interior part, and neglect the concrete part assuming that it does not require any cleaning services. However, keeping the concrete dirt-free plays an essential role in the property cleaning procedure. If you are a citizen of the USA, then the best professionals who can help you with this daunting task are the Concrete Cleaning Los Angeles team who are highly trained in assisting you to make your concrete shine.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Concrete Once in Every Month:

1. The life of concrete floor increases:

It doesn’t matter where you have concrete flooring, it is a crucial part to keep it clean all the time. You can easily hire Concrete cleaning Los Angeles services who will remove all the dirt particles from the floor or walls. With this, the lifespan of your concrete portion in the property will increase, and the probability of cracks, and damages will decrease.

2. Clean concrete floors add shines to your infrastructure:

If you have a beautiful, decorated room but the concrete floor is dirty, then nobody will get attracted towards your room’s beauty. The walls, showpieces surely make your room or space look eye-catching but the importance of a good, clean floor matters equally. Therefore, for your help you need to call Concrete Washing Los Angeles who will make your space attractive with their excellent deliverables.

3. Easy to maintain:

Concrete washing Los Angeles is a service that multiple companies deliver. Cleaning concrete floors is an easy task to do as they are quite smooth, and hassle-free. Different types of floors such as stone, vinyl or a ceramic floor are cleaned using neutral detergents that are harmless.


Mentioned above is the information on why it is important for you to get in touch with the concrete washing or concrete cleaning people. The cost of this service is quite reasonable. Concretes are wonderful, and it looks fascinating when it shines. Never forget to keep your floors clean especially if you have kids in your surroundings as many infections can directly attack them.

Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance in Los Angeles

Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance in Los Angeles

Solar panels and maximum amount of uninterrupted sunlight to work effectively. Any object or distraction preventing the panel from being exposed comprehensively to sunlight reduces system output efficiency. As per research by the solar electric power association, photovoltaic electricity would reduce approximately 10% if there is an accumulation of dirt, dust, and residues. If bird dropping, urban pollution or dust from farming operations would further decline output to 10% to 20%. It is imperative to regularly maintain and clean the solar system for optimal performance and sustainability.

Solar Panel Cleaning

At Envirostripe, we provide commercial solar panel cleaning, residential cleaning, efficiency check, and repair. Our solar panel cleaning is the one-stop solution for all your solar panel cleaning needs. We provide cutting edge cleaning with our advanced cleaning equipment that gives out possible outcomes at the best pricing.

Our solar panel cleaning services in Los Angeles is updated and finished in the industry, offering state of the art cleaning as per your specific soiling environment. Dust, grime, and environmental pollutants majorly impact solar panels’ efficiency, which degrades the performance. Our regular cleaning and maintenance can ensure optimal performance and yield significant savings. Solar panels technology has upgraded with time; we provide they release proper energy by regularly cleaned, installed correctly, and maintained.


With years of experience, our team specializes in repairing and maintenance. We have come across straightforward and awful cleaning done. If you have any suspicions that your solar panels are leaking, we can check them and fix them, so they are intact.

Solar Panel Maintenance 

Dirty solar panels severely hinder your return on investment with time. Solar panel cleaning in Los Angeles means more savings and higher performance. Solar panel infrastructure is complex, and it requires extensive knowledge and a timely supply chain for cleaning and maintenance. We carried out solar panel cleaning and maintenance on a large scale and small scale across Los Angeles. We comply with all safety and health regulations to provide you top-notch services. We deliver peace of mind and maintain your solar panel’s optimal performance with our professional Solar panel maintenance in Los Angeles.

Benefits of Cleaning

  • Maximizes efficiency and performance of panels.
  • Prevent avoidable damage to your system
  • Help identify minor technical problems, leakages and failures also fix them.

Why choose Envirostripe?

  • Automated and manual cleaning
  • Detailed knowledge of cleaning solar panels
  • Comprehensive risk assessment and method
  • Visual check of solar panels and reporting feedback
  • 10,000+ solar panels cleaned
  • Trained and professional staff carrying certification
  • High response time
  • Fully insured

Get in touch

Whether you need any advice, suggestions, or services for cleaning solar panels on your commercial or residential or want to install panels as per guidelines, please contact us. Let us meet your environmental and financial goals. Contact us today.

Best Parking Lot Striping with ADA Norms in Los Angeles

Best Parking Lot Striping with ADA Norms in Los Angeles

Federal and state codes supervise the handicap striping in your parking area. It can be tricky to understand these codes if you are not a professional. At Envirostripe, we help you get your handicap striping in Los Angeles clean with our quality services. We are specialists in all parking lot and pavement needs, including striping and routine maintenance. We can strip small, medium, and large parking lots and garage sand understand all the complexities of stripping the space as we have been doing for years. Whether it’s your accessible parking spaces, the path travels, or van access pace, we comply with low and pertain to your ADA parking lot markings.


Repainting lines, curbs, and markings in your parking lot will portray your better impression and provide a safe public direction around the parking lot. We follow close attention to details of small and large projects. Our work includes removing existing lines and form the best restripe plan to comply with ADA and restripe with quality paint and materials.


Parking Lot striping and Line Marking Services in Los Angeles


Whether you need the entire layout or simple restriping of your parking area, we can get you covered. Your park affects the first impression of customers when they arrive. It is necessary to stripe parking lines, make clean and finished markings and ADA handicap stencils. Beyond the aesthetic value, paint strip and markings can serve as safety precautions. Arrows, stop bars, crosswalks provide safety for customers and efficient functioning of your parking area.  Envirostripe can accomplish the task within minimal time, so your parking lot is ready to bear the traffic.


What do our services include?

  • Line striping
  • New parking lot striping layouts
  • ADA compliant signage
  • Fire lane curbing
  • Custom stenciling
  • Speed bump installation and painting
  • Wheel and Car stop installation
  • Parking lot layout consulting.
  • Playground striping
  • Crosswalk and much more.


Striping services and maintenance


Having a well-maintained property is your biggest asset. When your parking lot shows signs of wear or fire lanes are not up to the mark, Envirostipe is here to offer an extensive list of parking lot striping services. Whether it is a new striping rework or a previous lot layout, we ensure that your business stands out with exceptional services and enhanced curb appeal.

Beyond restoring your existing parking lot and restriping lines in Los Angeles, we have services that include repainting, crack repairs, seal coating, pothole filling, pavement marking removal, and much more.

Envirostripe can plan and execute ADA Handicap striping and other areas to minimize your clientele’ disruption while providing the best quality job possible. Envirostripe is experienced in ADA striping Los Angeles. We help you navigate and work as per ADA specifications.