Welcome to Envirostripe. In buildings and spaces, there is a lot of direct impacts that remain unseen. Your primary investment and project need a clean and fresh environment to attract potential customers to visit, shop, enjoy leisure, and even live. Successful managers and owners understand the essential maintenance has a high impact on long term value and effectiveness.

Over the years, we have strengthened our business and formed an excellent reputation in Los Angeles and around regions as leading exterior cleaners and restoration specialists. Most clients work from long-standing repeat customers that are a symbol of our quality standards and services.

Envirostripe provides high standard cleaning services in Los Angeles; we ensure that all parking lots and exteriors are cleaned with high standards every time. We are a local, family-owned cleaning company providing top-notch commercial and residential services.

Our company has significantly improved and grown throughout its long history. We have theoretically and practically understood dirt and grime and how it damages and tarnishes properties with time. We have invested in techniques and chemicals that can take up both small tasks and the toughest of challenges. Our knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment enable us to deliver outstanding results every time.

Why Choose Us?

We at Envirostripe have raised the bar and improved standards in exterior cleaning services. By embracing the latest methodologies and following tried and tested process, we deliver fast and efficient services with top quality exterior cleaning and excellent customer care.

  • We have a wealth of knowledge to achieve the best possible outcome while mitigating the risk of damage.
  • We have invested in top equipment and deliver the most efficient and effective cleaning services in Los Angeles.
  • We aim to deliver high standards of customer service with trained operators.